Sunday, September 19, 2010

Malaysian Airlines....FAIL

We flew Malaysian Airlines to Kuala Lumpur direct from Dubai. The flight was 7.5 hours and I was not looking forward to it. Apart from being a poor flier, I was just starting to get over the jet lag and flight to Dubai and then found myself off again.  Still, I was really excited to fly on what i had read online was a 5 star quality airline that I had never flown before and probably wont ever use again.

Post-trip conclusion? Malaysian Airlines = FAIL. Their slogan is "This is Malaysian Hospitality" and after that first flight and their hospitality, I was afraid of what I would find in the country. Thankfully it was just a single bad flight and the country was great. My complaints of the flight:

1. The entertainment system was blurry. While everyone got their own TV, most didn't work and only 2 movies played - The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia (MORE FAILS), and they were played on a loop. Also there was nothing for the kids to watch like cartoons. Since we had many kids with us, this was major Parenting Requirement FAIL.

Even Aya said The Last Airbender sucked.
2. The food was too spicy. While I  like some bite to a dish, not everyone does. MA is catering to a large and diverse group of passengers, not just Malays, who may not be use to eating Spicy Chicken Biryani with a Tangy Mango Chutney Salad. And let's be honest, one's digestive system isn't exactly operating harmoniously 38,000 miles in the air, and adding that extra hurdle to your traveling experience isn't necessary. Ever heard of beef stroganoff MA?

Got Tums?

3. They only served Pepsi and 7up, thats it! And tough luck for diabetics, there were no sugar free options (other than water). The flight attendant told me this was because they served what Dubai Catering services gave them. I later found this to be true.
4. While not really a complaint, the chairs were all these funky colors. It was like they bought the fabric for their fleet from a Joanna's Fabrics remnants sale. Not eye pleasing.

Something very cool was when we departed it was nearly Mughraib, and still being Ramadan, they announced the Iftar time, and distributed individually wrapped dates!

At this point in the trip, I didn't have much to rave about.

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  1. Yea remind me not to fly MA!

    You know the best bagel with cream cheese and preserves I ever had was on a plane! No kidding! And it was more stomach friendly ;)