Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Plan

I've been in Dubai for what seems to be a lifetime; really its only been a little under three months. I've traveled to far away lands, drunk camel milk, and frequented the worlds largest shopping mall. My trip was to draw to a close on November 29th, but something came up. I was given the opportunity to intern at a consulting firm here in Dubai. With similar opportunities in the States being nearly nonexistent, I knew it would be a waste to pass it up. So I've signed on to stay for an additional three months making my tentative return to America sometime in February.

 Of course this has its advantages, such as avoiding freezing and dreary winter weather, but also its disadvantages. I really miss my family and my friends. Mentally, I was prepared to come home at the end of November. I am very lucky to have an opportunity such as this, but I can't help think of all the things I will miss out on. My friend is getting married, the undie run at the end of the semester, and Christmas lights. I love Christmas. People are always so nice and there seems to be a general air of good will about. All that aside, I will put on a happy face and just start a new count down!

So now that I'm all employed and what not, I'll try my best to continue to blog. Frequency will probably drop as I won't have time to be exploring as much as I was. Hopefully there will be new things to talk about like winter in Dubai and New Years.