Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can I get yo numba?

In Dubai they have a system with their car license plates. The plates begin with the number 1 and continue upwards based on how many cars there are in Dubai. For example Makhtoom's car is number 1 and to give you perspective, Hend is number 45,837. So the lower the number is on the plate the more affluent you are. Usually double digits are royalty. Around town I've seen some really low numbers and have been taking pictures. Today at the gas station one of Makhtooms kid pulled up in #5. I should have introduced myself, maybe next time.

This affluent Emirati even had his own tricked out recreational semi! I know this isn't a service vehicle because it has regular plates and not industrial ones.
License Plates, just one more way to show your wealth in Dubai.


  1. I watched a youtube video of an auction of these plates. It was disgusting. The highest bidder literally paid 50 million bucks for a license plate! All for status. Also, there was a 10 YEAR OLD boy that paid 10 million. Its ridiculous...

  2. Wow, I had no idea they did that there!

    ^Millions??? That is ridiculous!