Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girls askin' me for Dates like its Ramadan

Another new experience I've had the luxury to experience in Dubai is tasting the variety of dates they have here. The stores carry 20-30 different varieties of dates from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Morocco. After various iftars and azzumas, I have tried most kinds of dates and it is in my humble opinion that there is nothing, let me emphasis NOTHING, better than the California Medjool dates. Sweet Georgia brown, aint nothing better.

So while California may produce a better date than anywhere in the Middle East, its still fun to drive down the road and see the palm trees that line the highway full with fruit. You can be walking down a sidewalk and  a date will fall on your head or they are scattered on the floor. Some trees have nets around the dates so that they may be collected.

I made Hend pull over one evening so I could get a closer look. Only from fear of being arrested did I resist climbing up and grabbing me some free dates. I'd love to try it fresh off the tree. Who knows maybe I'll muster the nerve to do it one day.


  1. Dates are expensive here and they are literally just fallin' off trees there! Sigh.

  2. medjool dates are great and all.... but personally, nothing beats this particular kind of date I had this summer in libya... up until then, medjool was the best for me