Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wild Wadi!

 The biggest allure of Dubai for me is how women friendly it is. By that I mean, as a Muslim women that wears Hijab, sometimes my options  of things to do are limited. In Dubai, they have taken care to ensure that both men and women can enjoy attractions. A prime is example is Wild Wadi.

Wild Wadi  is an outdoor water park with a heated/cooled wave pool, multiple water slides and two artificial surfing machines. Wild Wadi has the largest water slide outside of North America.

It was the SCARIEST thing I've ever been on in my life. This slide is 80ft high and as you slide down, you gain speed of up to 50MPH!!! At some point your body is actually suspended in mid-air. It kind of feels like that stomach drop at during a roller coaster ride. I forced myself to keep my eyes open and according to Hend, I was screaming the whole way down; I don't remember that part.

I had such an amazing time on all the different rides. It was the first time I had ever been to a water park. I use to always look at the giant water parks in America with envy. I knew I was missing out, and I was right. It doesn't matter if you're an adult or a kid, people LOVE playing in water.

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  1. How fun!! Glad you got to experience that!! I don't think I've been to a water park till this day. Pools may be, but nothing beats a giant water slide!