Friday, October 15, 2010

How can I not help you?

As an American Passport holder, I get an automatic entrance visa into the U.A.E. for 30 days. If I wish to stay longer, I have to exit the U.A.E. and reenter to get an additional 30 days. I can continue to do this with no limits imposed and  until I leave for good; it is free of cost. So here is my question; if they aren't going to charge me a fee and will automatically unlimitedly renew my visa, why hassle me in exiting and reentering? I can see no benefit. Since I can't personally restructure the policies of U.A.E. tourism I'll simply comply. Today I headed out to Oman to exit and reenter to obtain an additional 30 days.

It was a 54 mile drive that had some of the most spectacular views, it was almost worth the hassle. The difference in geography between the U.A.E. and Oman is crazy. Where the U.A.E. is crazy national geographic sand dunes, Oman is mountainous like the Rockies.

 Oman also has  a lot of  "Wadi" which are valleys. Currently because of the hot summer months they are dried up, but once the rain season starts they will fill with lots of water. It can be dangerous sometimes because the water over flows and can run into the roadway and catching motorists in the flow.

Can't say we didn't warn you!
Driving to Oman, and away from the bustling city, I began to really feel like I was in an Arab country. With the modern feel of Dubai, you forget you aren't in the Western world. With every mile we drove, it was as if we were going back 10 years.  I felt like I was in Geryan, my hometown in Libya. Humble homes, small  mom and pop shops, old cars (most are stalled), and hand made pottery being sold on the street all made me feel like I was in a place I already knew.

It was a great drive and a neat mini-adventure. I now have one more visa stamp in my passport and an additional 30 days to enjoy the U.A.E.

Until next month....

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