Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slow Down

So far in my trip I have had an amazing time Al-Hamdulilah. I've seen so much, eaten crazy stuff, and finally went to a water park. I am half way through my trip and the rate of seeing new things is slowing quickly. Dubai has begun to feel normal or homey to me. The glitz and adventure have worn down a bit. It seems I keep doing the same things over again, eating at awesome restaurants, going to obscenely large shopping malls, and spotting $300,000 cars everyday.

I'm finding its harder to find things to blog about. I've completely run out of pictures. If you were waiting for me to get back home so you can see my photos, tough luck. There are a few things on the horizon, but it will be a bit flat line for awhile. Know that I haven't neglected my blog, I simply don't have anything to write about. I've spent the last few days watch Mad Men.

More adventures are coming Insha'Allah!  Soon, I'll have to start a count down for coming home, eeek!


  1. Mad Men is my favorite show! this post makes me laugh :) maybe you will be pleasantly surprised and have some more new adventures... fingers crossed!

  2. sometimes the non-touristy adventures are the best ones :)