Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dubai Fountain

Where the back of Dubai Mall there and the Front of Burj Al-Khaleefa meet there is a "lake". Really its just a 900ft long, 4 foot deep chlorine pool. Nightly, from 6 to 11, there is a fountain show that goes off every 30 mins. It is the world's LARGEST dancing fountain (just another 'world's largest' Dubai can boast) shooting 22,000 gallons of water 500ft in the air.

 Last night we had dinner at a delicious water front Italian restaurant and watched 3 shows all showcasing 3 different pieces of music and ensembles. It was SPECTACULAR. If you are in Dubai YOU MUST SEE THESE FOUNTAINS. I can't explain how majestic it was, so I'll just show you a video. 

                                                      Part 1
                                                                          Part 2

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