Sunday, October 3, 2010

Salamat Hari Raya Aidalfitiri!

I have  had every Eid of my life in Lexington. Our routine is always the same. In the morning we would go to Salat Al-Eid, Eid prayer, come home have a family breakfast and then meet up with the local libyans for a Eid party filled with pizza, games, and gift exchanges. This year however, I couldn't have been further away from Lexington if I tried. For my very first Eid away from Lexington, I was in Malaysia.

A Happy Eid banner
Eid in Kuala Lumpur was such a disappointment. Because KL is such a cosmopolitan city with such a large mixture of people, there was nothing signifying it as Eid. The staff at the hotel were surprisingly unhelpful in finding a Mosque or when Eid prayer was held. Eid morning was spent in the hotel watching old episodes of America's Next Top Model. The events that I look forward to each year were not a possibility and the day continued as any other. I was really shocked, I figured with a 60% Muslim population there would be some sort of sign of Eid. Nothing. The City was nearly emptied as people went back to their respective towns to celebrate with family and friends.

It was the most depressing Eid I ever had. I was almost 10,000 miles away from my family and friends. I couldn't help but sulk a little bit. The only thing that lifted my spirits was knowing that the next day we were off to Vietnam. So unfortunately, I can't tell you guys what Eid in like in Malaysia, I wish I knew.

On the plane the next day to Vietnam, These posters were plastered all over the plane, it was kindda cute.


  1. That's kind of shocking! And sad :(

  2. It's both. Insha'Allah Next Eid will be better. NOTHING like Eid in Lexington.

  3. :( May be a better Eid lies in Dubai?