Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tomato Tomahto

Dubai has a lot to offer tourists, one of the most alluring attractions is the beautiful beach.

Now, depending on who you ask, the name of the body of water of Dubai's coast may get two different answers. Arabs call it the Arab Gulf, but according to Wikipedia historically and internationally (AKA The West) it is know as the Persian gulf. Its a case of "tomato tomahto", who cares? Its all arbitrary anyway. I digress. Dubai's beach front is breathtaking.

 The sand is so white and clean. I can't explain how mad I get when I go to a beach and people have discarded their trash on the sand. Chicken bones, diapers, cigarette butts,  and empty cans do not belong on the "Shut" (beach). The water is very still. Only small waves occur as the water hits the sand. The still water really made it possible to create the man made islands of The Palm and The World.

The water is also ALWAYS warm, actually it could almost be called hot. I have yet to swim in the gulf because it is so hot outside. Unlike the dumb British tourists, I am uninterested in 2nd degree burns and becoming a lobster. I'm happy to come early morning with a cup of coffee, before the oppressive sun comes out in full force, and enjoy the scene.

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