Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sahour Tent

Tonight I went to the Jumeirah Sahour Tent. These tents are set up during Ramadan for super iftar buffets and then "sahour" which usually is 9pm-3am where you can order A la carte. Its really ironic because they advertise these tents as being  luxurious, enchanting, and boasting lavish foods, AKA the complete opposite of what Ramadan is all about. While in theory and morally I am opposed to Ramadan tents, I had to see what they were all about.

When I walked into the massive AC climate controlled tent, seating about 600, I was amazed. Inside was transformed into an Arabian palace. Moroccan lamps were EVERYWHERE. The room was glowing with purple and blue lights as well as candles. Three men, one on darbooka, one on violin, and one singing, were serenading patrons as they enjoyed their Argeela and/or their overpriced juice cocktails and Arabic fare.

While the "Jow" or atmosphere was really nice and chill, I couldn't help to think that for people to flock to these places to spend $200-$500 dollars a night instead of going to Taraweeh or using Ramadan for spiritual cleansing and growth is really disenchanting. I went there to see what was going down, but I WOULDN'T trade a Ramadan Iftar at Masjid Bilal for the best sahour tent Dubai has to offer.

If your interested to see the particular one I went to here is the link: http://www.jumeirah.com/en/Hotels-and-Resorts/Destinations/Dubai/Jumeirah-Beach-Hotel/Exclusive-Offers/Ramadan-at-Jumeirah-Beach-Hotel/Iftar-and-Suhour-at-Diwan-Al-Khayal/

You should have seen how big the cup was!
The food was "ok". We had to sneak this picture, they dont let you photograph inside!
In front of the Tent, it was lined with lamps.

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  1. I agree, it takes away from the spirit of Ramadan... but it is insanely gorgeous. At least you can say you tried it out once now!