Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dubai Mall: Part 2

This evening I went to Dubai mall to watch Inception. Although I could write 10 pages on how freakin' awesome that movie was, this blog is about Dubai and not movies. The theater was "fery nice"! The seats were almost lazy-boy like. They had so much cushion that I was sinking into them and had to straighten myself a few times. It was about $10 US dollars for the night show, so pretty comparable in prices. The only thing that made this unique was that at the snack stand, they sold french fries. I'm learning that Arab's have an unhealthy obsession with the Idaho spud.

This time when I went back it was after Mughraib. The food court, cafes, and restaurants were in full swing. People were going bonkers. Those getting smoothies, burgers, or McArabias. I had the opportunity to try a few things I was wondering about. The Krispy Kreme tastes EXACTLY like the ones in the states, but I dont think you could get fried dough wrong. The Taco Bell was also very similar but the chips were off. Finally I found this restaurant named after me, I stood like a nerd among 4555 people and took a picture!

My Dubai adventures get better with everyday Alhamdulilah, I can't wait for tomorrow!!

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  1. Love the blog Assia! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I wanted to eat at that asian restaurant but my husband was like no way in hell I'm eating Chinese even if it is halal:( Have you seen the fountain show @ Dubai Mall? When we went the fountains danced to Om Kulthoom's "Inta Omry". So cool.