Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Dubai Mall: Part 3

I found something really cool in The Dubai Mall. Not only have they met your retail needs but they have met your spiritual needs as well. Within the mall there are 25 prayer areas. Some might think "well duh, its a Muslim country of course they have areas to pray within the Mall." But that isn't necessarily true. They could have built the retail space sans the Salaya, there many local mosques in close proximity. To put not just one prayer room, but dozens placed throughout the mall  is real genius OR its real evil because they want to give you no reason to leave--oh snap! Regardless, the way I see it it lets you feel less guilty about spending the entire day at the mall!

The Salaya's are adjacent to the bathrooms. They have their own wudu area, which is great because it is always awkward putting your foot in a public sink. I'm not sure if within the mall they do Athan, but that would be interesting to find out.

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  1. The sala area would double quite nicely as a "time out" zone for uncooperative kids.

  2. I saw a lady napping in a salaa area in a Sharja mall but apparently security doesn't allow it...they came and told her to leave

  3. aren't the bathrooms super clean there? i think that was the most amazing thing about my emaraat trip :)