Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome To Libya

I dont even know how to start this post. I wrote three different intros, backspaced, and started again. I can't begin to explain my feelings. Libya is....is... nothing short of amazing. The second I saw the coastline, I started bawling; I couldn't help it. It all came rushing back to me, all the scenes of fallen youth, screams of women, and explosions. I thought how I was up in the sky flying just like those helicopters that used anti-aircraft bullets to kill civilians. I was filled with pride remembering the resiliences and determination of the Libyan people.

First glimpse of Libya from the air

The second I stepped foot in the airport in Tripoli I could INSTANTLY tell there was difference in a post Gaddafi Libya. There used to be this underlying tension everywhere, wherever you went. People were fearful of the government, fearful of each other. You never knew who was loyal to the government and what could get you in trouble. Passport control was a breeze, my new passport had no stamps in it so the agent knew I wasn't local. He asked ''First time in Libya Assia?'' I told him, ''Nope, but first time in a Free Libya.'' He smiled and told me '' Welcome home.''

Then there were some things that were exactly the same. Of course there were signs plastered ALL over the airport that said ''No Smoking'' and are minded by no one, not even the employees. I hastily snapped this picture of a guy smoking RIGHT UNDER the sign. 

I was SOOO tempted to go up to the guys and be like: can you not read? Of course he probably would have had a snarky comment in return probably along the lines of mind my own business to which I was fully prepared to retort with ''Libya hurra.'' As not to embarrass my traveling companions I kept my comments to myself; not sure I'll be able to next time.

The interior of the airport has gone under construction since the last time I was here. I was told this was all post Feb17. It looks promising. As for the exterior.... nothing has changed. Its dirty, crowded, people double and triple park. Its really a bit of a disappointment because it is a reflection of the country. The capitals airport should be a place that is clean and organized to show foreigners and travelers that Libya has its best foot forward.

I've been here a short 48 hours and I've enjoyed every last second. Its better than I imagined. I cant wait to explore every city, every corner, ever inch of Libya Al Hurra.


  1. Glad you are enjoying it. Seems there is a lot of work to do and everyone needs to help out and lend a hand and no one should be above the rules and laws.

  2. thanks very interesting Assia