Monday, June 25, 2012

Turkish Airlines

Three flights, 6 hours in-transit, 17 hours in flight, 3 disgusting airplane meals later I am in a Free Libya. Its amazing. Before I begin to explain how fast and hard I fell in Libya all over again, I want to take a minute to tell you about the long trip to get here.

When I was searching for tickets I was advised multiple times to fly Turkish Airlines. Three people on three different occasions told me how absolutely fantastic their food and service was. Im not going to lie, as a foodie I was excited to eat Turkish food. If you were to look up the word 'Fail' in the dictionary, my experience on Turkish Airlines would be there. Apparently with Turkish Airlines you have to pay extra for smiles and other pleasantries like ''Your welcome.''

My two biggest issues were the food and the customer service, or lack thereof.

The food was fatty, salty, and mushy.  I would love to hear the guesses of what the yellow stuff is. Believe it or not, its not creamed corn, its not scrambled eggs, its risotto. It was crunchy and slimy. It tasted like I was crunching ants in my mouth. The hummus was nice, salad had no dressing; sorry Im not a rabbit. My bread was crunchy and smashed. I take this all with grain of salt because I know airplane is notoriously disgusting but I had such high expectations after being repeatedly told of how superb Turkish Airlines was.

Second qualm was customer service. Not a SINGLE time did the stewardess say 'Your Welcome' to my thank you or give me a single smile. She all put threw down my trays and gave a long exaggerated huff when she had to pick it back up. Listen, if you aren't a people person, dont be a stewardess where the ENTIRE purpose of the job is to offer customer service.

Really in all its very surprising how terrible Turkish Airlines was considering the money they have spent in revamping their image. So between the terrible food, customer service and then later losing my bag, I think in the future I will stick to flying with British Airways. 

Its all water under the bridge now, the most important thing is Im in a Free Libya


  1. looking forward to read about the New Libya!

  2. great take on Turkish Air! On the topic of airplane food though, it's actually pretty tough to get a quality meal. Apparently, human taste buds react differently at altitude which means that when you're in the air, your ability to taste declines by something like 30%. As a result, companies that make airplane food have to take that into account and tweak their recipes accordingly. Maybe that's just something that Turkish Air doesn't do. Or maybe they actually prefer serving ants for meals!

  3. um...i loved their salmon. and...i mean you really expect pleasantries like you're welcome? oh and their desert was yummmmmmy
    They were kind on my flight. Maybe you caught them on a bad day...

  4. Hello I went to Libya this summer too and I agree with you completely that Turkish Airlines has the worst customer service!