Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let it begin

I am finally packed. This has to be the most accomplished thing I've done this calendar year. I strategically listed, purchased, packed, and weighed all of the necessities to take to Libya. It was no easy task. There were hours of internal debate and dialogue as I mentally listed all of the things I could and could not live without. Left behind was fancy organic body washes  but I refused to go without bug spray and a Tide pen. I told myself I could live with only 4 pairs of shoes but I took 24 Hijabs.

There is a delicate balance when packing: take everything you can't get in Libya, mostly consumable goods, but don't go over 50lbs. I have to say, it took some skill and talent on part to compromise the two. Alhamdulilah the stress of that is finally over and Im ready to head to Libya.

My feelings and emotions are so mixed right now. I am equal parts excited and anxious mixed with some sadness. Excited to finally be able to get to Libya after the revolution, be on the ground, see a new Libya and be able to lend a hand and help build a better Libya. Anxious because Im not sure of the reception I will get as an expat Libyan. In the past this hasn't been an issue but I have heard of many incidences were Libyans looked down upon expats because they weren't physically in Libya during the revolution, thus not suffering as locals. Finally, I am sad because I will go to a Libya that did suffer so much. I am reminded of all the young men and women who lost their lives. The mothers who have no more sons. The wives that are left as widows, the children that are now orphans. As elated as I am for Libya's freedom, never will I forget the cost that was paid to insure it.

So this is it. Im packed, the car loaded and at 6am tomorrow morning I am off. Summer 2012 in Libya, let it begin!

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  1. Safe journey sister. May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always at your back. :)